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4 Benefits of Bolting-Down Safes

  • 2 min read
Liberty Safe always puts forth extra effort to make our safes the most secure in the industry. From uni-body construction, UL-listed locks and superior locking mechanisms, Liberty gun safes are designed to protect whatever you put in them.


But that does not mean that a thief won’t make an attempt to break into one. And because of this, Liberty recommends that you take the added step to maximize the security of your safe with bolt-down security..

Liberty’s Optional Anchoring Kit

When purchasing a Liberty gun safe, we recommend also purchasing our optional anchoring kit. This kit includes four lag bolts designed for anchoring your safe to a wood or concrete floor. Your safe’s bottom is already pre-drilled to allow it to be bolted to the floor. However, because additional tools are needed to properly install the anchoring kit, it is recommended you request this service to be added to the in-home delivery of your safe.

Our delivery crews can anchor your gun safe when they deliver it. An exception to this would be if you have a post-tension home foundation. This would make it too dangerous to drill into the concrete to anchor the screws because of the risk of drilling into a cable, which could cause serious injury and expensive damage to your home’s foundation.

Anchoring Boosts the Security of Your Gun Safe

There are four benefits you could experience by having your safe bolted to your floor:

  1. It is almost impossible to pry open your safe’s door when it is standing upright. A safe that is bolted to the floor cannot be tipped over so that a thief can try to pry open its door.
  2. Even though it would most likely not work, a thief cannot try to push your safe over to smash it if it is bolted to the floor.
  3. Most break-ins are smash and grab. But if a thief already knows you have a safe in your home and comes prepared to remove it from your home, your safe isn’t going anywhere if it is bolted to the floor.
  4. Having your safe bolted to the floor makes it safer for you and your family to use. Anchoring the safe prevents it from tipping over when you open its door. This is important if you store heavy items inside.

Do not forget to request bolt-down service when you order your safe