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Accessories Help Make Your Gun Safe Unique

  • 2 min read
Depending on the type of Liberty gun safe your purchase, your safe will come equipped with different standard accessories. For example, our USA Series comes standard with our 3-in-1 Flex interior. Our Modern Lincoln Series features a 4-in-1 Flex interior, jewelry drawer, dehumidifier, automatic lighting, and a built-in electric plug.

You might find that after having your safe for awhile that you want to add accessories to enhance its functionality or to just make it uniquely your own. The good news is that Liberty Safe sells a wide range of accessories to upgrade and personalize your gun safe.

Storage Accessories for Your Valuables

Your Liberty gun safe’s fire-resistant and burglar-resistant features make it suitable to protect other possessions, like jewelry and important documents. If your safe does not come with jewelry drawers, Liberty has a variety of different sized drawers so that you can choose the right one to fit your safe. These velvet-lined drawers can be installed to the adjustable shelves in your safe to provide a safe storage space for your jewelry, coin collections or anything you want to guard in your safe.

Many Liberty gun safes come standard with an accessory door panel. But if your safe doesn’t have one, you can always purchase one to increase the storage capacity of your safe. You can utilize the inside door for additional storage to organize pistols, gun accessories, or documents. This door panel also includes a COOL POCKET® for items that need extra fire and heat protection.

You can purchase a separate COOL POCKET fire-resistant bag to keep your valuables and documents safe in a convenient grab-and-go bag. This bag helps keep its contents an additional 50 degrees cooler than the interior of the safe during a fire.

Protection from Humidity

Depending on where you live, humidity might be a problem, as you strive to protect your valuables, guns, and ammo. Liberty offers a variety of dehumidifiers and desiccants that help keep the inside of your safe humidity-free. You can choose from electric or battery-powered dehumidifiers or use cans of moisture-absorbing desiccants to reduce humidity.

Lighting-Up Your Gun Safe’s Interior

If your gun safe does not come equipped with lights, you can accessorize it with one of our light kits. We have both electric and battery-powered lights, so you don’t have to go without lights even if you don’t have a built-in electric outlet in your safe. And if you choose to upgrade your safe with power, Liberty also sells an electrical outlet kit that can be used to retrofit most models with power.

Liberty’s safe accessories allow you to make the most of your safe.