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Benefits of Liberty Safe Relockers

  • 2 min read
Gun safes manufactured by Liberty Safe have something many safes don’t. And they are features that, if you didn’t know existed, you probably wouldn’t know to ask about. They are normally unseen features. What are they?

Relockers! And because we use them, our safes are UL-listed, while many others in the industry are not. Including relockers in our safes is just one more example how Liberty goes the extra mile with security features for the safes we build.

What Are Safe Relockers?

Relockers are mechanical devices which prevent your safe from being opened when attempts are made to circumvent its locking mechanism. Relockers resist drilling, punching or other means of manipulation. You cannot see the relockers without disassembling the safe’s door. Liberty’s gun safes feature two types of relockers:

  1. An internal relocker built inside the safe’s lock and located inside the safe’s door.
  2. An external relocker located outside the safe’s lock. It connects the back plate of the lock to a spring-loaded firing pin that interlocks with the safe's cam or gear-driven locking mechanism.

What Benefits Do Relockers Provide?

If a burglar cannot pry or smash a safe open, he may try to break or manipulate its lock to get inside. But if you own a Liberty gun safe, it comes equipped with relockers that can give would-be burglars a big surprise.

When a burglar tries to torch your safe’s lock or knock its backplate off, the internal spring-loaded relocker goes into action. The relocker prevents the tumbler from completely turning. And this keeps the locking bolt located in its housing from retracting.

If the burglar succeeds in knocking off the lock’s backplate, the external relocker reacts immediately by deploying its spring-loaded firing pin to permanently bolt the locking mechanism. The locking bolts on the safe are prevented from retracting even when the lock has been fully destroyed. And the thief cannot open your safe.

Industry-Best Safes

If your safe is damaged in a burglary attempt, Liberty has you covered. As a Liberty Safe customer, you are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace safes that are damaged in a burglary attempt after reviewing your fire and burglary claim form.

There are so many extra security features built standard into Liberty’s gun safes that you won’t find in other brands!