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Choosing a Home Safe: Locking Mechanisms

  • 2 min read
Recent crime statistics show that property crime rates are dropping. However, more than 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year across the country and that is still too much. A strong and reliable home safe can help protect your valuables and guns in the event your home is one of the two million burglarized each year.

But before you spend your hard-earned money, you need to know that not all safes are created equal. After all, what good is a strong, sturdy safe body if it is too easy to get past its locking mechanism? The job of the locking mechanism is to prevent the safe’s defensive barrier of locking bolts from retracting. It works along with the door, handle, safe lock and locking bolts to prevent unauthorized access to the contents of your home safe.

Liberty Safe chooses only the best locking mechanisms for all our safes. We currently offer three types of locking mechanisms throughout our wide range of safes.

1. Direct-Drive Cam

The Direct-Drive Cam mechanism is used in Liberty’s entry level safes. It provides a smooth direct-drive connection from the safe’s lock to the locking bolts in its door. While it is one of the least complex locking mechanisms, it is very effective in keeping your home safe locked and protected from tampering attempts.

2. DX-90 Monster Mech, Over-Center Cam

The DX-90 Monster Mech, Over-Center Cam mechanism provides added protection against attempts by burglars to side-bolt punch the safe’s door to gain unauthorized access. Its over-center cam releases all pressure from the locking bolts with its unique “dead lock” system. All Liberty Tough Doors™, which are used on Franklin and above safes, come standard with this type of locking mechanism.

3. GX-480 Monster Mech, Over-Center, Gear-Drive

When you want the most secure locking mechanism for your gun safe, the GX-480 Monster Mech does not disappoint. It adds an extra level of security with an added gear-drive feature to prevent side-bolt punching. This locking mechanism provides a smoother touch and feel in how it works. It is the best locking mechanism for gun safes.

Slip-Clutch Mechanism Now Standard for All Liberty Safes

All Liberty Safes are now equipped with our upgraded Suretight Handle, equipped with our patent-pending Slip Clutch Technology for increased security. This innovative technology prevents burglars from trying to torque your safe’s handle with a pipe or wrench. If a burglar attempts to torque your handle, our Slip Clutch Technology causes the handle shaft to slip, which releases lock pressure and prevents the locking mechanism from being broken.