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Customer Testimonials:What They Say About Liberty Safe

  • 2 min read
The first place most people go before making a major purchase is the internet to see what others think of the product. Merchants and manufacturers can make claims on their websites and in printed materials, but nothing speaks to the truth of a product more than what actual buyers say. Testimonials about Liberty Safe’s gun safes reveal the truth about our product.

Liberty Safe knows how great our gun safes are because of the superior materials and hard work that goes into designing and building them. But don’t just take our word for it. Take the word of our customers who already own our safes. We have more customer testimonials than any other gun safe manufacturer; testimonials that a Liberty gun safe can withstand the harshest fire conditions. Just take a look for yourself:

Surviving the Flames

The 2017 Atlas Fire raged throughout Napa County, California for 20 days. During its blaze, 51,000 acres burned, which led to the destruction of over 2,000 structures, including homes. Many residents were evacuated from the area to save their lives minutes before the fire engulfed their homes.

One such resident, Scott tells of his family’s experience with the fire and how their Presidential gun safe remained intact. While all his family’s belongings were lost in the fire, their safe’s valuables, including his guns, treasured family photos and jewelry survived.

A California Wildfire Story

The Carr Fire in California lasted over month during the summer of 2018. Two friends, Luke and Brett who both owned gun safes, returned to ashes and rubble where their homes once stood.

Luke, who owned a Liberty Safe was relieved to find that while everything in his home was consumed by the fire, everything stored in his safe survived, including his kids’ beloved Elf on a Shelf and family photos.

Brett and his family were not so lucky. They didn’t own a Liberty safe and all the stored contents in his safe were destroyed.

Arkansas Fire Disaster

John Best of Hot Springs, Arkansas came upon a roaring fire in his home’s garage on the morning of October 15, 2010. In the garage was his 1.5 year-old Liberty Fatboy safe. It took three hours for firefighters to put out the fire.

John estimated the safe was exposed to over 100,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) during most of the fire. Much to his relief, his safe still stood standing. It took several hours of drilling to open the safe when the locksmith arrived on October 18. Upon examining its contents, John found that 95 percent of his firearms survived, while all his important papers and cash were in great condition.

Testimonials like Scott’s, Luke’s and John’s give our customers real-life examples of how well Liberty gun safes stand up to the worst fire conditions. We hope never go through a fire like any of these, but it’s good to know you’re protected with your gun safe.