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How to Safely Store Documents at Home

  • 2 min read
Think about all the important documents that you need at various times throughout your life. Now think about all the times you have struggled trying to find some of them quickly when you needed them right away. Having a central location to keep your important documents safe and secure is important not only for your peace of mind, but also to protect your personal and financial information. But where you keep those documents is also very critical. Paper will quickly be destroyed in a fire and it can easily be damaged by water or UV light. Here are a few things you should know about storing your documents at home.

What Documents Should You Keep Secure and Accessible

You never know when you or your family will need access to certain important documents. Keeping them in your home, versus storing them in a rented bank-deposit box that does not give you 24-hour access when you need them. Some documents you might need right away include:

  • Social security cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Passports
  • Wills
  • Federal and state tax returns
  • Insurance policies
  • Loan/mortgage agreements
  • Property deeds

You Could Rely on a File Cabinet

If you have ever applied for a mortgage, you know how much information you need to come up with to give to your lender. And if you ever want to refinance, or take out a home equity loan, you’ll drive yourself crazy looking for things like HUD statements that are tucked away in your original mortgage agreement. Keeping everything in a file cabinet can help you keep your important documents close at hand and organized in file folders.

Having your documents in a file cabinet is convenient. But it's really not enough to protect them from theft, moisture damage, UV damage or fire. The locks used in file cabinets can be thwarted or the cabinets can be smashed open. They also do not offer a lot of protection from smoke, fire or other climate issues.

Convenience and Security of Owning Your Own Safe

Having a safe in your home is the best way to safely store documents in your home and keep them from being exposed to UV light. A fire-resistant safe like Liberty’s Premium Home Safe gives you a maximum of 90 minutes of fire protection with a thick 11-gauge steel body, extreme fire insulation and a heat-activated seal to keep out smoke and heat.

But if you want the ultimate in both security and fire protection, Liberty’s Presidential Safe is what you need. This fire-resistant safe has a thick, 7-gauge steel body, heat-activated seal, and features multiple interior layers of fireboard to provide 2.5 hours of fire protection for your documents and firearms. And it comes with a superior convection dehumidifier to reduce moisture and further protect your important documents.

Do not take chances with your family’s important documents. Learn more about how a fireproof safe from Liberty Safe is the best way to safely store documents and valuables in your home.