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How You Store Your Ammo Matters

  • 2 min read
How you store your ammunition will determine how dangerous it is during a house fire. It is not just your family’s safety you should be worried about. You also need to be concerned about the safety of the firefighters who could be putting their own lives at risk rescuing trapped family members or pets and trying to save your home from fire destruction.

Storing quantities of ammunition in your home adds to the danger that your family and firefighters could face in the event of a fire. But if you have a gun safe, you have safe fire protection and peace of mind. You can also alert firefighters to the exact location where your ammo is stored.

Dangers of Loaded Weapons

For safe fire protection, ammunition should be stored separately from guns. In the chaotic first moments when firefighters arrive and are setting up to battle a house fire, they often ask if you have loaded guns in your home.

Ammo that is loaded into a gun, especially a revolver, is the most dangerous during a fire. Basically, the heat of a fire can cause a round to fire just as it would if someone had pulled the trigger on a live round. The bullets sitting in the non-aligned chambers can also discharge from the heat. When firefighters hear the unmistakable popping sound of guns shooting off, they often must retreat until the danger decreases.

Safest Place for Ammo…Your Gun Safe

A gun safe can provide fire protection for both your ammo and firearms. When you shop for a safe, you need to pay attention to the amount of fire protection the safe offers and how the safe is constructed.

You can add to the fire protection for your ammo by also securing it in a Liberty Safe Ammo Can within your safe. Because of its design, it can be easily grabbed and removed from your home if there’s a fire emergency.

With the increase of catastrophic wildfires, safety officials recommend removing firearms and ammunition from your home if it is in the path of a moving fire. But this is not always possible for people.

During recent wildfires, families were relieved to learn their Liberty Safes survived the fires with contents – guns, ammo, documents, and precious valuables – intact. Even as their homes were reduced to rubble, their safe fire protection did the job it was meant to do. Other families weren’t so fortunate; they didn’t have Liberty Safes.

Liberty offers a range of gun safes to fit any budget, beginning with the Centurion Series that offers 30 minutes to the Presidential Series that offers 2.5 hours of safe fire protection