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Liberty Safe Locking Bar Technology: 4 Things to Know

  • 2 min read
Some technologies, like the use of round locking bolts have been around for centuries and are pretty-much standard in the safe industry. These bolts work to keep a safe’s door secured when closed and can help prevent the door from warping in a fire. But the safe industry’s leading innovator, Liberty Safe believed this technology could be improved. So, they set to work engineering new technology and then thoroughly testing that technology to revolutionize the industry once again.

How? By introducing their patented military-style locking bars. All of Liberty’s higher end safes feature military locking bars for added security that goes beyond what traditional steel pins provide.

Depending on the model you purchase and its level of security, your safe will either have locking bars on one, two or all four sides of the safe’s door. Here are four things to know about Liberty’s locking bars.

#1. Made from American Steel

Liberty constructs its military-style locking bars from one solid piece of American-made forged steel. This contrasts with strong round steel pins individually attached to a safe with rivets. One weak rivet can allow a thief to gain access into your safe by applying pressure to the weak area. Locking bars are installed as one unit.

#2. More Surface Area Than Pins

With a locking bar, there is four times the surface area than with a one-inch wide pin. This added surface area increases locking strength by almost six times of what you would experience with traditional round locking pins found in comparable safes.

#3. Locking Bars Go Deeper

Liberty’s military-style locking bars provide more protection against prying and punching because they go deeper into the safe’s body than traditional locking pins do. They make it almost impossible to pry open doors on safes equipped with them.

#4. Extensively Tested to Ensure Durability, Security

Liberty is known for its practice of “torture-testing” its safes’ security features. When testing their military-style locking bars, Liberty found that these bars can stand up to 120 percent more force than a comparable safe from one of their competitors.

No matter what strength-testing Liberty has done, whether dropping the safe from 200 feet in the air or using CI explosives, the locking bars remained in place and kept the safe’s door shut.

Liberty’s military-style locking bars can bring a new level of protection to your home same.