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Liberty Safe Security Feature: Uni-Body Construction

  • 2 min read
There is a lot of thought and ingenuity that goes into building gun safes with a high level of security. This has always been something that Liberty Safe has excelled at. One of most prominent security features is our innovative Uni-Body construction process that we use in building all our full-sized gun safes. By using this process, we make our safes 20 percent stronger than comparable safes made by other manufacturers.

Exclusive State-of-the-Art Roll Form Process

The process of building the steel box for a Liberty gun safe begins in our state-of-the-art steel shop with tons of heavy-duty coiled steel. This steel has been pickled and oiled with a protective coating to keep it protected during the manufacturing process. It is loaded onto a roll-form feeder that sends it through our computerized roll-form machine.

As the steel is uncoiled and fed through the roll-form machine, it will go through 6 stations where it will be stamp-cut and precision-bent to create the most accurate pre-bent steel box in the industry. Once all the edges have been pre-bent, the steel is fed into our custom gear-driven press brake to fold it into its unique and secure 2-piece design.

The box is then sent to our precision corner jig-welders and our robotic welding booths for assembly. Using robotic welders, the back of the safe is sealed to the safe’s box while its front corners are automatically jig-welded. All the welds are high-precision and performed at high-temperatures, so they produce clean, deep welds that outperform normal welds. Why? Because the metal is not just joined, it is practically melted together.

Benefits of Uni-Body Construction

With Liberty’s Uni-Body construction there are absolutely no seams on the front and sides of the top of the gun safe. This is the area where most safes can be pried apart or have their welds broken. What you get is an extremely strong and rigid box. And better yet, you get added fire protection because there are no weak links along the edges of your safe.

But you might be asking yourself, what about the welds on the back of the safe? How secure are they? Well they are extremely secure because the back welds are not made in the corner edges of our gun safes like other safe manufacturers do, which only allows for 2 points of contact. This makes for a weaker corner joint.

Liberty has moved the weld from the edges to the back of the safe and overlaps joints to create 3-points of contact for a much stronger weld. And what’s better yet is that there is no need for grinding, which can weaken the weld.

See for yourself how strong Liberty’s Uni-Body construction is with our 200 foot drop video. It’s unlikely your Liberty gun safe will ever be subjected to that type of abuse! But you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing how strong it is.