Liberty Safe-Xtreme-48-Black Textured-Chrome Mechanical Safe Lock-Closed Door
Liberty Safe-Xtreme-48-Bronze Textured-Black Chrome Mechanical Safe Lock-Closed Door
Liberty Safe-Xtreme-48-Black Textured-Chrome Mechanical Safe Lock-Open-Door
Liberty Safe-Xtreme-48-Bronze Textured-Black Chrome Mechanical Safe Lock-Open-Door

Fatboy Jr. Xtreme Series - Level 3 Security - 60 Minute Fire Protection Safe

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Model Details by Size

Fatboy Jr Xtreme
Max Long-Gun Storage 48
Dimensions H x W x D 60.5" x 42" x 25"
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Weight 760 lbs.
Country of Origin United States

What about Fire Protection?

Level 3 safes offer more protection from fire than Level 2 safes.

  • 2 layers in the walls
  • 3 layers of fireboard in the safe’s ceiling, door and door jambs for Colonial models
  • 4 layers of fireboard in the safe’s ceiling, door and door jambs for Fatboy Jr. models
  • Heat-activated, expanding Palusol™ seal.

A 60 Minute Fire Protection gun safe like the USA may be more affordable than you think.

Mid-Range Security with Safe Security Level 3

Liberty’s Level 3 security safes build on the security features of our Level 2 with several important upgrades. Our Level 3 security safes, like the Colonial and Fatboy 48 are:
  • Built with with a 1-inch composite door
  • California DOJ Approved
  • Constructed with 1/4-inch thick steel locking bars
  • Made with 11-gauge steel
  • Made with a triple hardplate lock guard
  • Protected by an X-Cam locking mechanism
  • UL-Listed as a UL 8M10 Residential Security Container (RSC)
Protect your home and family with a secure safe.


Level 3 Security safes have received certifications from both the California DOJ and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for their security features. To carry the esteemed UL-Listed seal, Liberty Safes must go through intensive testing. Following successful testing, they are awarded UL’s 8M10 Residential Security Container (RSC) certification.

Thicker Steel than Level 1-2 Security

A rule of thumb is to purchase a gun safe that has the thickest steel as possible. But the thicker the steel, the more expensive a safe will be. Level 3 safes feature 11-gauge steel that is 0.1196 inch (3.038mm) thick. That is 14% thicker than the 12-gauge steel used in Level 2 Security safes. Thicker steel is more difficult to drill or punch. It is also heavier, which makes it more difficult to remove. A square foot of 11-gauge steel weighs 4.879 pounds, which is over half a pound heavier per square foot than 12-gauge steel.

X-Cam Locking Mechanism

Your gun safe’s type of locking mechanism matters. In a brute force or manipulation attack, your locking mechanism needs to be able to withstand a sustained attack. Level 3 Security safes feature upgraded X-cam locking mechanisms that are more secure than the direct-cam mechanism used in Liberty Security Level 2 safes.

More Locking Bars

Level 3 Security safes feature Liberty’s innovative 1/4-inch thick military-style locking bars. The Colonial gun safe has up to 10 locking bars. Meanwhile, the Fatboy Jr. has 8 locking bars spread around its door’s four sides.

Triple Hardplate for Increased Security

Hardplate steel is specially heat-treated to create a harder surface. Liberty uses triple layered hardplate to protect Level 3 Security safes from drill and punch attacks on its locking mechanisms. Why use triple layers of hardplate? Because it chews up and shakes drill bits to prevent a burglar from drilling completely through.

Liberty Safes offer both burglar and fire protection, which is something not all safes from other manufacturers provide. Liberty Safe makes added security affordable.