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Affordable Step-Up with Safe Security Level 2

If you want a safe offers a bit more security than Level 1 but is still an economical option, a Level 2 safe like the USA, might be the choice for you. Our Level 2 security safes are:

  • Built with 1/4-inch thick steel locking bars
  • Constructed using a triple hardplate lock guard
  • Made with 12-gauge steel
  • Made with a Direct-Cam locking mechanism
  • Protected by with a 1-inch composite door
  • UL-Listed as a UL 8M10 Residential Security Container (RSC) and California DOJ Approved


Level 2 Security gun safes like the USA series feature UL security certifications. Founded in 1894, UL (Underwriters Laboratory) is an independent global safety certification company with strict quality, safety and security standards. All Liberty’s UL-rated safes have gone through rigorous testing before they can carry UL’s seal awarding them with an 8M10 Residential Security Container (RSC) certification.

12-Gauge Steel for Added Strength

When it comes to security, the thicker the steel, the better. Security Level 2 safes like the USA gun safe have 12-gauge thick steel walls for added strength. To better understand what gauge is, steel that is 12-gauge is 2.657 millimeters thick while 14-gauge is 1.897 millimeters.

Direct-Cam Mechanism

The Direct-Cam Mechanism is a tried and true technology used in Liberty’s Level 2 security safes like the USA gun safe. This upgraded mechanism features Liberty’s patented “Slip Clutch Technology” that further enhances the security of its safes.

1/4" Thick Military-Style Locking Bars

Gun safes featuring Level 2 security come with 1/4-inch thick military-style locking bars. This type of locking bar provides added strength and resistance against punching attacks with an expanded surface area that outperforms traditional round locking pins. The USA gun safe features a total of six 4-inch wide locking bars.

Triple Hardplate Lock Guard

Liberty uses triple-layered hardplate steel to protect the USA safe’s locking mechanism. If a burglar succeeds in drilling through the steel in the safe’s door, once he hits the hardplate, he’s not going to get to the locking mechanism. Instead, his drill bit is going to break or degrade so much it is going to be useless.

A Level 2 Security gun safe like the USA may be more affordable than you think.