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5 Benefits of Buying a Gun Safe

  • 2 min read
Whether you own one, two or an entire collection of guns, you need a gun safe. Storing your firearms in a dresser, under your bed, in a closet or garage cabinet is not safe for you, your family, or your neighbors. Besides being a responsible gun owner, choosing to purchase a gun safe has numerous benefits. Here are five such benefits.


1. Keep Guns out of the Hands of Kids

If you are like many gun owners, you might have been raised around guns that your family members stored in closets, drawers, or even under a mattress. You were probably told that you were forbidden to touch those guns, too. Today, we hear too many tragedies in the news telling of young children who gain access to a gun in their home and either accidentally shoot themselves or someone else. Having a gun safe to secure your firearms keeps them out of sight of curious children.

2. Keep Your Guns Away From Burglars

The last thing you want is for a burglar to gain access to your gun that you purchased to protect your family and home and turn it on you. Locking up your gun in a gun safe is important to protect yourself, your family, and your community.

3. Protects Your Guns From Fire or Natural Disasters

Your guns are an investment, and they should be treated as one. Investing in a safe protects your guns from damage in a fire or natural disaster, where your home might be destroyed. And when you purchase a Liberty Safe, you can rest assured that your safe has been engineered to withstand extreme conditions, including going through our torture testing.”

4. You Can Store Other Items in Your Gun Safe

Your gun safe can protect so much more than your guns. You can use it to store your valuables or irreplaceable items that could be stolen or destroyed in a fire, including:

  • Jewelry
  • Cash
  • Coin collections
  • Wills and Trust documents
  • Investment documents
  • Life insurance policies
  • Photos and photo albums
  • Sentimental items from your children

5. Protects Your Personal Freedom and Wallet

Many states have laws requiring that gun owners keep their firearms secure. If your child or a burglar were able to access your gun and either shoot someone or use the gun in a crime, you could be held criminally liable. This means dealing with lawyers, court, fines and, in some cases, possible jail time. Investing in a safe to secure your guns shows that you have made an attempt to secure your guns and are on the right side of the law.