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6 Accessories to Improve Your Safe

  • 2 min read
One of the best things about buying a Liberty Safe (other than its superior construction and protective features) is you can purchase safe accessories to customize it. On its own, your Liberty safe is great. However, by adding the right accessories, you immediately up its “Wow!” factor. Six accessories that can improve your safe include:


1. Anchoring Bolts

Liberty recommends that you bolt your safe to the floor for added security. This prevents crooks from tipping your safe over or removing it from your home. Bolting your safe to the floor also helps prevent it from tipping over when you open the heavy door. Liberty’s anchoring kit is an optional accessory you should order when you purchase your safe.

2. Accessory Door Panel

After you have had your safe for awhile, you might find you need additional storage capacity or organization. Liberty’s accessory door panel is available in 6 model sizes and offers multiple zip pockets, quick-draw pistol holster, additional document storage plus a CoolPocket for extra protection (CoolPocket unavailable in size 12).

3. UL-Listed Electronic Locks

Liberty safes come standard with mechanical locks. If you did not upgrade to an electronic lock when you purchased your safe, you could choose to improve it later because they fit the footprint of your safe’s mechanical lock.

#4. Electrical Outlet Kit

If your safe did not come with a pre-installed electrical outlet, you can use Liberty’s electric outlet kit to add power to your safe. This upgrade allows you to also add USB and CAT-5 Ethernet connectivity to your safe. This can come in handy if you want to add a light, or dehumidifier to your safe.

5. Electronic Dehumidifier

Too much humidity can damage the contents inside your safe. Liberty’s electronic dehumidifier raises the temperature inside your safe by up to three degrees and helps keep air circulating to dry up any moisture that may be present. This is one of Liberty’s safe accessories standard with our Presidential, Lincoln and National security safes. If you have an electrical outlet in your safe, you can improve your safe with this accessory.

6. EVA-DRY Moisture Absorber

If you don’t have a power outlet installed in your safe, your next best choice to dehumidify your safe’s interior is the EVA-DRY Moisture Absorber. This accessory works inside your safe, absorbing moisture without an electrical outlet. When its readout tells you it is full, you simply remove the unit and plug it into a wall outlet overnight. The next morning you can put it back to work in your safe.