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6 Benefits of Liberty Safe Internal and External Hinges

  • 2 min read
Liberty Safe puts in the extra effort to make their gun safes the strongest and most secure in the industry. We won’t settle for less than a superior hinge system. Depending on the safe model you choose, it will either have internal or external hinges. Both types are UL-listed for security so you can’t go wrong with either one. Here are six benefits that Liberty’s hinges provide to gun safe owners:


3 Benefits of Liberty’s Internal Hinges

Liberty uses internal hinges on the majority of the gun safe models. Fabricated from strong steel, these hinges are ball-bearing operated and welded to the inside of the safe body and secured to the safe’s composite door.

Benefits of choosing a Liberty gun safe equipped with internal hinges include:

  1. Because the hinges are located and fully welded inside, thieves are unable to tamper, cut or torch them off to remove the door and get inside your gun safe.
  2. There is built-in extra resistance against prying open or bending the safe door open because the hinges are inside.
  3. The safes have smooth opening and closing because of the hinges’ ball bearings. They offer an automatic door stop that helps prevent your walls from damage when the door swings open.

3 Benefits of Liberty’s Exterior Hinges

Liberty uses external hinges on our National Security models. Like our internal hinges, they are also ball-bearing operated. These hinges are located and fully welded to the outside of the safe and secured to the safe’s composite door.

Benefits of choosing a National Security gun safe with external hinges include:

  1. In the unlikely event a thief is able to remove the fully welded external hinges, the door can’t be removed because of the active bolts located inside the door on all four sides.
  2. Having a wider door-swing gives you more access to the inside of your safe. Just make sure the location where you plan to put your safe can accommodate the wider door swing!
  3. Decorative hinge caps add to the beauty of your safe and give it a more traditional look.

Strong construction with superior components like Liberty’s internal or external hinges, active bolts and thick, strong composite doors outmatch burglars.