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Does the Steel in Your Gun Safe Matter?

  • 2 min read
There are various types of gun safe steel used for building safes. Depending on your needs, the type of steel used in gun safe construction is important. Liberty Safe builds gun safes to fit any need and any budget. And all are made with quality steel because Liberty believes the type of steel we use matters; you should, too.

Only American-Made Steel Will Do

Liberty does not cut corners when it comes to materials and the process for building our safes. Only the best American-made steel will do.We are known throughout the industry for our commitment to quality. The gun safe steel we use meets or exceeds national standards, unlike steel that is used in manufacturing mass-produced safes overseas.

Our safe-building begins with massive 20,000-pound rolls of coiled steel that have been pickled and oiled for the highest quality. These processes protect the steel from corrosion, rust and scale that can form during the milling process. This steel is loaded onto our roll form feeder where it will begin its journey through our steel shop’s six-station roll form process. The steel will be stamped and accurately pre-bent before it is folded into its unique uni-body steel box.

Because the box is made from one piece of steel, welded seams are eliminated along the top and corners of the box. This produces a stronger steel box that could not give a burglar an opportunity to pry apart.

Using the same high-quality, thick steel, the back of the safe is precision-welded onto the safe body. But not in the traditional way. Most steel safe backs are welded directly at the corners. Liberty gun safe welds are moved to the back of the safe to serve two purposes:

  1. Three points of contact for a more secure weld
  2. Elimination of corner welds that need to be ground and could be vulnerable to being pried apart

Liberty’s Budget-Friendly Safes

For those who don’t need an extreme level of security, Liberty’s line of entry-level and mid-range gun safes is constructed with strong, quality steel in gauges of 14 and lower. The gun safe steel in the:

  • Centurion Series is 14-gauge
  • USA Series is 12-gauge
  • Colonial Series is 11-gauge
  • Franklin Series is 11-gauge

Liberty’s High-Quality Safes

Liberty’s higher-quality safes provide a level of security and fire protection that is superior to our entry- and mid-range series:

  • Lincoln Series is 11-gauge
  • Modern Lincoln Series is 11-gauge
  • Presidential Series is 7-gauge

At Liberty, the type of gun safe steel we use always matters.