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Doors and Locking Mechanisms Impact a Safe’s Security Level

  • 2 min read
A lot goes into building a secure gun safe. The level of security provided by a safe depends on the type of components used in constructing it. There are also various types of components that offer different levels of security. Two components that have a major impact on a safe’s security level are its door and locking mechanism.

Here’s how the types of doors and locking mechanisms Liberty Safe uses impacts our safes’ security levels:

6 Different Types of Doors

Liberty Safe uses 6 different types of doors for our eight safe security levels:

  1. Security Level 1 safes are equipped with a 3/8-inch Steel Composite door.
  2. Security Level 2 & Level 3 safes are equipped with a 1-inch Steel Composite door.
  3. Security Level 4 & Level 5 safes are equipped with a 1-inch Tough door.
  4. Security Level 6 safes are equipped with a 12-gauge Steel Plate door.
  5. Security Level 7 safes are equipped with a 3/8-inch Steel Plate door.
  6. Security Level 8 safes are equipped with a 1-5/16-inch Tough door.

5 Different Types of Locking Mechanisms

The locking mechanism in your safe plays an important part in its level of security. It needs to keep the door locked if a burglar smashes or removes the safe’s lock, tries to torque the safe’s handle or attempts a side-bolt punch attack.

Depending on your safe’s security level, it will have one of the 5 different types of locking mechanisms that Liberty uses:

  1. Security Level 1 safes are equipped with a Single Actuator
  2. Security Level 2 safes are equipped with a Direct-Cam
  3. Security Level 3 safes are equipped with an X-Cam
  4. Security Level 4 through Level 7 safes are equipped with a DX-90 Monster Mech
  5. Security Level 8 safes are equipped with a GX-480 or GX-540 Monster Mech

The Single Actuator, Direct-Cam, and X-Cam locking mechanism are basic locking mechanisms used for Liberty’s entry/economy-level safes, including the Centurion, USA, and Colonial gun safes. They provide a smooth direct connection from the mechanism to your safe’s door bolts/bars.

The DX-90 Monster Mech locking mechanism features an over-center, direct-drive cam mechanism. This locking mechanism is used on Liberty’s higher quality safes, including the Franklin, Lincoln, National Classic Select, and National Classic Plus models. The over-center cam removes pressure from the safe’s locking bolts/bars in the event of a side-bolt punch attempt.

The GX-480/GX-540 Monster Mech locking mechanisms feature an over-center, gear-driven mechanism and is used on Liberty’s #1 top-rated Presidential and National Magnum gun safes. This locking mechanism is the absolute best locking mechanism available and has been proven to withstand a five-hour burglary attack using various tools.

All Liberty locking mechanisms come standard with our patent-pending slip-clutch feature for added security protection. If a burglar attempts to torque your safe’s handle, its shaft will slip and release pressure on the lock to prevent it from breaking.