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Gun Theft Protection: Myths Versus Facts

  • 2 min read
Responsible gun owners know how important it’s to prevent their guns from being stolen. If your gun is stolen, it can be used against you, your family, or just about anyone who is affected by its illegal use. The best way to secure your firearms is to keep them in a gun safe when they’re not in use. But even so, there are still a few misconceptions about having a gun safe in your home. Here are the truths about the myths you might have heard about using a safe for gun theft protection.

Any Safe Is Better Than No Safe

Having a safe in your home is a great tool for gun theft protection. There is no room for skimping or trying to cut corners when it comes to keeping your guns secure. A high quality safe like Liberty Safe’s Lincoln doesn’t just look great, it's designed to provide incredible security and 90 minutes of fire protection.

Thicker Is Not Always Better

A thick safe door and walls are great, but they aren’t enough to make your safe secure. Not every safe is made with steel walls. In fact, some safe manufacturer’s tout that their walls are thicker than others. The problem with that is that they aren’t always enhanced with metal. Instead, they’re reinforced with a layer of sheetrock…yes, sheetrock! What you need to be more concerned about is the safe’s protective features, especially its locking systems and whether there are gaps around the door that will allow it to be pried open.

A Gun Safe Can Be Put Anywhere in Your Home

When you purchase a great looking safe, you might be tempted to show it off in your home. And why wouldn’t you? But it’s better to keep your safe out of view where it can be seen by workmen or other visitors to your home. It’s better to put it in an area in your home where there isn’t much traffic running through.

You Don’t Need to Bolt Down Your Safe

You might be fooled into thinking that you don’t need to bolt down your safe in your home. After all, getting it into your home might have been difficult. But this might not stop an experienced team of thieves from trying to remove it from your home if you:

  • Are away for an extended amount of time
  • Live in a rural area
  • Keep it in your garage or workshop where it can just be wheeled away

It’s Okay to Keep Guns Loaded in Your Safe

Keeping a loaded gun in your safe might seem like a good idea so that it’s always ready when needed. However, if your home were to catch fire, a loaded gun poses a danger to your family and the firemen attempting to save your home. Even though your Liberty Safe does offer fire protection, it’s often better to not keep your guns loaded.