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Home Safes: Are They Really Thief-Proof?

  • 2 min read

Most home break-ins are smash and grab. Whatever a thief cannot find or get into within 8-10 minutes is most likely safe from being stolen. Having a home safe allows you to keep your firearms and valuables locked up. But are they really thief-proof? The honest answer: It often depends on the brand and type of home safe you purchased.

What Makes a Home Safe Thief-Proof?

The problem is, there are so many safes on the market. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, eventually they all start to look the same. When shopping for a thief-proof safe, you need to look for specific features in a home safe. For starters, a secure home safe should be constructed from heavy steel that serves two purposes:

  1. The steel makes the safe heavy and difficult to remove from your home for offsite opening.
  2. The steel makes it difficult to pry, drill or punch the safe open.

Taking the added step of bolting the safe to your floor from the inside makes it more thief-proof because it prevents the robber from tipping the safe over to pry it open. And it also prevents a team of thieves from carting the safe away.

It’s not just heavy steel that makes a home safe thief-proof. How the safe is built matters, too. For example, all of Liberty’s full-sized safes feature uni-body construction. The body is created from a single sheet of thick steel that is pre-bent and then mechanically folded into its box form. The back is then welded on, but not at the corners where it could be pried off. Instead, the weld is moved to the back where it overlaps the joint for a weld that is 20 percent stronger.

Door construction also plays a big part in whether a safe is really thief-proof. Features like Liberty’s military-style flat-bar technology is an upgrade over the industry standard one-inch diameter pins. Our flat-bars are designed to resist prying and punch attacks.

Don’t Forget the Lock and Locking Mechanism

A thief-proof home safe requires a superior mechanical or electrical UL-listed lock. It also requires a superior locking mechanism and re-lockers that will keep thieves out in the event the lock is broken or drilled.

All Liberty safes feature UL-listed locks and mechanisms equipped with our patent-pending slip-clutch technology. Furthermore, our safes also featurehardplate steel that works to protect the lock and locking mechanism from drilling and punch attacks.

Why Choose a Liberty Safe?

Owning a Liberty safe gives you a definite advantage. With all the secure features built into our safes, your firearms and valuables will be protected if a burglar breaks into your home.

See for yourself why a home safe from Liberty is always your best choice when shopping for a safe.