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Serious Safe Security: Level 7

  • 2 min read

A safe with Level 7 security like the National Classic Plus improves on the already great features found in Liberty’s Level 6 gun safes. With Security Level 7, you get a thicker door and steel walls for greater resistance against burglary attempts. And with that, you can have an even greater peace of mind that your family’s firearms and valuables will be protected from thieves and fire.

So How Thick is the Steel?

With a Level 7 Security safe, you get thick walls made from 10-gauge (9/46-inch/3.57mm) steel. Thicker steel is always better for security and fire protection. One of the most obvious benefits is the increased weight of the safe. The weight per square foot of 10-gauge steel is 5.625 pounds. The heavier the safe, the more difficult it is for a thief to tip it over or cart it away to try and open it offsite.

The door on a Level 7 safe is made with 3/8-inch thick solid steel plate, which makes it more rigid and able to resist even the most aggressive attack. The door on the National Classic Plus gun safe is a great example of an extremely secure door. Its 2-step door with that solid steel plate is a whopping 5-inches thick! That makes it very difficult to pry open.

UL-Tested and California DOJ-Approved

Only safes that undergo the intensive testing of Underwriter Laboratories can carry the UL burglary classification of being a secure Residential Security Container (RSC). This honor includes the right to display the UL-Listed seal on the inside of the safe’s door. Security Level 7 safes are also California DOJ-Approved as a legal option for securely storing firearms.

Super Strong Monster Mechanism

All Security Level 7 gun safes come equipped with Liberty’s DX-90 Monster Mech locking mechanisms. This mechanism has a strong over-center, direct-drive cam that provides superior protection against side-bolt punching attacks.

During an attack, the mechanism goes into “dead lock” mode as the over-center cam releases pressure on the locking bolt. And in attacks where a burglar attempts to torque the safe’s handle, Liberty’s patent-pending slip clutch technology causes the handle’s shaft to slip and release pressure on the lock to prevent it from breaking.

Strong Hardplate Protection

Security Level 7 safes are equipped with ball-bearing hardplate lock guards. By embedding ball-bearings into the hardplate steel, the security for the safe’s locking mechanism is elevated to a higher level. If a burglar attempts to drill into the safe’s locking mechanism, the drill bit snaps or just keeps spinning.

Thick Steel Military-Style Locking Bars

Instead of locking pins, Liberty uses 4-inch wide military-style locking bars for added security. The bars in Level 7 safes are made from 3/8-inch thick steel and are installed all 4-sides of the safes’ doors. The advantage of locking bars vs. traditional locking pins is that it makes it more difficult to pry or punch the door open.

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